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Mathieu GUILOINEAU Administrative and Financial Manager of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT: Focus on a career path that is both academic and daring for a business maker.

At 39, Mathieu GUILOINEAU joined GESTION CREDIT EXPERT in October 2018 as Head of Administration, Finance and IT. With his experience of more than 15 years, his mission is to stimulate the growth of the group.

What was your background before joining GESTION CREDIT EXPERT?

M.G.: After a Specialized Master’s Degree in Banking and Financial Engineering at Toulouse Business School, I first worked as a corporate credit analyst for Crédit Agricole 31, then for Euler Hermes SFAC. I then had the chance to join Capitole Finance, the subsidiary of the Caisse d’Epargne specializing in the financing of professional equipment through equipment leasing and financial leasing. I spent most of my career in this company, and even became its Financial Manager. I held this position for three years. I joined GESTION CREDIT EXPERT to take up a new challenge and discover the world of debt collection, civil and commercial investigations and credit management consulting!

What are your main missions?

M. G.: As a member of the Management Committee and in close collaboration with Christophe NOBILET, General Manager, I supervise all administrative, financial and IT functions (business plan, accounting, management control, cash flow and cost optimization, human resources, general resources, IT, etc.). I am assisted by three people and my mission is based on 4 axes:

the protection of finances through the preparation of corporate and tax accounts, cash management, financial control and management control, the objective of which is to provide financial reporting to assist in decision-making and to improve the management of the group.

– forward-looking management of the employment and skills of the group’s employees: By evaluating the human resources needs of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT (volumes, recruitment, costs, etc.) in its context and on a continuous basis, we draw up an action plan that includes training, mobility, recruitment, etc. The objective is to define the best possible organization of work and the best possible development of the skills and individual and collective potential of the team members.

the management of digitization projects , when it comes to the development or integration of new tools and software in our environment for the continuous improvement of our tools, work processes and the services we provide to our customers.

Monitoring the company’s performance: I take part in all projects with financial implications in order to have a global vision. I act as a link between the general management and the various functions of the company (general services, operations, development, etc.) and I work to make them partners in the strategy. My role is to advise, optimize, manage and coordinate.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

M. G. : The versatility of my job and the challenge to be taken up !

The group’s ambition: to be among the top 10 in our sector within 5 years. To do this, my team and I will focus on optimizing processes to improve the daily life and efficiency of everyone in the team.

The roadmap is simple: to find productivity and performance levers wherever possible so that every debt collector, investigator and analyst can focus on getting the best results for our clients and providing the best service possible.

In concrete terms, this means listening to internal users to develop the information system and optimize processes, redesigning and developing dashboards adapted to the needs of each department, and implementing the Eurecia HRIS.

What words would your colleagues use to describe you?

M. G.: reliable, accurate and precise.

Communicative and playful too. Because I like to challenge the established order to rebuild everything if necessary. I also like to share my vision, to learn and re-learn as a team, to achieve something bigger and more robust.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

M. G.: I am an avid runner and I participate in marathons and trails as much as I can.

At the beginning, the idea was only to have fun, to get some fresh air, but quickly the desire to surpass myself came. It’s also a bit of an alibi for me to allow myself to go to good restaurants without feeling guilty.

What qualities do you value most in others?

M. G.: pragmatism and sincerity

I appreciate people who think “hands-on” and stay focused on results.

I like to sail in full confidence. I am therefore particularly fond of people who remain honest and sincere on all occasions.

What is your motto in life?

M. G.: There is a quote from André Gide that I like very much: “There are no problems. There are only solutions.”