Tailor-made training

Train your teams in the best payment collection techniques

Do you want to set up training for the effective follow-up of your customers?

Our BFR EXPERT consultants offer you the possibility of establishing a tailor-made training program that integrates your work environment, your own culture, your tools and the profile of your teams.

A personalized training program adapted to your environment

Our materials and the duration of our training integrate your commercial strategy, your work environment, your own culture, your tools and the particular profile of your teams.

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Tailor-made training

Adapted to your challenges and to
your business context.

Quand le recouvrement amiable de créances ne fonctionne pas, le recouvrement judiciaire est la solution | GCE
An approach

All our trainers have field expertise.

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A 2-step evaluation system, hot then cold.

Listen and

We adapt to your corporate culture and your processes.

Some training examples:

  • How to set up an effective “Credit Management” organization?
  • How can you make cross-functional teams aware of the financial challenges of trade receivables?
  • How to involve salespeople in customer risk management?
  • What are the keys to mastering the negotiation of contractual terms and methods of payment?
  • How to follow up by phone and get paid?
  • How to handle difficult calls?
  • How to optimize recovery with the support of collection software?
  • How to lead and manage a project to reduce payment terms?
  • How to control recovery in the specific context of public procurement?
  • How to optimize the revival of works contracts?
  • How to master collective procedures?
Formation sur-mesure, BFR EXPERT | Gestion Credit Expert

A pedagogy from the field for concrete and directly exploitable results

Our BFR EXPERTS consultant-trainers are all women and men with extensive experience in the field. They are not theoreticians but rather operational credit management professionals who have been working for more than 20 years in companies and with major business schools and universities. They are aware of best practices and the latest innovations in business software.

Our operational teaching method combines, among others, the following elements:

  • Theoretical and technical contributions
  • Confrontation of the theoretical contribution with real practical cases
  • Exchanges of experiences
  • Personalized Coaching
Formation sur-mesure, BFR EXPERT | Gestion Credit Expert

Tailor-made training for all your employees involved in your sales cycle

  • Managers and operational staff of the customer risk department
  • Customer credit officers (credit analyst, risk manager, customer accountant, collection officer, etc.)
  • Commercial(ales)
  • Sales administration officers


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Everything you need to know
in credit management

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GCE awarded Platinum Medal by EcoVadis
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Order for payment: how to obtain it?
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frequently asked Questions

The collection skills of your teams must make it possible to prevent and effectively deal with late payments , manage difficult situations, and more rigorously understand the challenges of managing your customer credit policy. For this, BFR EXPERTS consultants offer theoretical training modules associated with practical scenarios adapted to your collection needs.

Debt collection, whether amicable or contentious, requires a wide range of actions to recover unpaid debts. This is why it is important to know and master all the possible options in order to anticipate, not only the choice, but also the order in which the different steps will be initiated and thus maximize the chances of getting paid.

At the end of each training, employees will be able to:

  • Develop a professional and positive approach to customer collection
  • Identify areas for improvement in the existing organization and/or current operating methods
  • Anticipate the risks of late payment and non-payment
  • Clarifying and harmonizing the know-how of reminder-recovery teams through a common core of business knowledge
  • Implement negotiation techniques to master customer follow-up interviews, including sometimes difficult ones
  • Enforcing payment conditions while guaranteeing the good reputation of the company on the one hand, and customer satisfaction on the other.

Our educational approach is based on the transfer of skills and know-how in the management of customer outstandings.

Interactive and pragmatic, our training is based on concrete applications, practical cases and application exercises. They take place in four stages:

  1. The theory: The trainer develops and proposes appropriate techniques in the form of theoretical presentations and associated examples from your company and external benchmark.
  2. Putting it into practice: quizzes and technical practical cases, exercises for handling objections and arguments are carried out by all participants.
  3. Putting it into practice on real cases. Corrective actions and personalized advice are provided by the trainer: validation of knowledge and identification of errors and areas for improvement to be worked on.
  4. Transfer of skills: our training consultants offer appropriate techniques and tips for the continuous improvement of credit management practices.

Our training courses are aimed at all those involved in your debt collection and receivables management process. This may be your lawyers, collection and litigation officers, your customer accountants, customer credit assistants, ADV employees, sales representatives depending on your internal organization.

The cost of our training depends on the methods chosen:

  • Face-to-face at the workplace or room reserved for the occasion, or remotely
  • The number of employees to be trained
  • The number of hours of training

Do not hesitate to contact us to find the training that best suits your needs.

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