Our raison d’être: to preserve the financial health of companies.

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT helps companies increase their cash flow and reduce their customer credit risks. Within this framework, the 100% French and independent Group has defined its purpose. It constitutes a genuine commitment on the part of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT, its management and all of its employees.

From 1970 to today

Discover the major events that forged the identity of the GESTION CREDIT EXPERT group

Years 1970

Years 1980
Foundation of the ANCR , National Syndicate of Debt Collection and Commercial Information Firms, by Mr G. GORRIAS who chaired it from 1981 to 1992.

Years 1990
CGD is a founding member of FENCA (Federation of European National Collection Associations).


First ISO 9001 Quality Certification issued by AFAQ . GESTION CREDIT EXPERT is launching its civil investigation and commercial information service under the INFORCREDIT brand.

Years 2000
GESTION CREDIT EXPERT launches its training and consulting service in customer risk management and optimization of the order-to-cash cycle.

Publication of the “Legal Glossary for Business” by Gérard, Madeleine and Pascal Gorrias, at “Editions de l’Organisation”.

Capital increase of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT to €100,000.

Years 2010
Installation of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT in its new premises at La Garonnette in Toulouse.


Mr C. NOBILET is elected Administrator of the ANCR – First National Syndicate of Debt Collection and Commercial Information Firms.

Mr C. NOBILET is elected Administrator of the AFDCC – French Association of Credit Managers and Councils. GESTION CREDIT EXPERT acquires the clientele of the “HUMINDIS” debt collection firm based in Carcassonne. GESTION CREDIT EXPERT takes over “L’INFORMATION MUTUELLE”, a historic Parisian firm in debt collection and commercial information for the paper industry.

ECOVADIS assigns the “Silver” rating to GESTION CREDIT EXPERT. It is the recognition of a voluntarist and global strategy of the group in terms of corporate social responsibility.

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT takes over SFNP, Société Fiduciaire Nord Picardie , and thus becomes the 23rd French player in outsourced management of trade receivables and debt collection. SFNP was created in 1984 and specializes in civil and commercial debt collection in all French regions north of the Loire. Pierre-Marc DESBOIS, its founder, will continue to manage SFNP and facilitate the merger with GESTION CREDIT EXPERT.
GESTION CREDIT EXPERT becomes a member of SNARP , the First National Union of Private Research Agents. GESTION CREDIT EXPERT becomes a member of the BDIU , the First German Association of Debt Collection Firms. GESTION CREDIT EXPERT is changing its visual identity and completely redesigning its website. The group thus reaffirms its positioning in its 3 businesses (advice, collection, investigations).

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT launches the new name of its consulting activity for better visibility on the market of this strategic business. The new brand will now be BFR EXPERTS . GESTION CREDIT EXPERT signs a strategic partnership with TINUBU SQUARE on debt collection. Through this alliance, GESTION CREDIT EXPERT strengthens its position on the debt collection market in France and abroad.

Years 2020
The GESTION CREDIT EXPERT group (FRANCE CREANCES, SFNP, INFORCREDIT, BFR EXPERTS) is now the 17th of the 500 French specialists in outsourced management of receivables and debt collection and even the 4th in the market if we consider only French companies. still 100% independent (source: Plimsoll, June 2020).

A propos de nous | Gestion Credit Expert

Our raison d’être drives us and guides all of our decisions, actions, or our daily relationships.

It reflects our contribution to society, and the reasons for our existence.

Through each mission that we carry out, we help companies to support their growth, or to preserve their jobs.

At GESTION CREDIT EXPERT, we know very well that late payments and unpaid bills are the cause of 25% of business bankruptcies in France, which themselves lead to the loss of thousands of jobs, and prevent the creation of thousands of others.

Thus, when we advise companies to optimize the management of their receivables/risk or their “sales-to-cash” process, or when we recover their unpaid debts, we contribute directly to preserving their financial health and therefore also their jobs. .

A propos de nous | Gestion Credit Expert

CSR and Quality : the cement of our foundations

Together, our mission, vision, values and ambition form the foundations of our group and help us stay on course in all circumstances.

Our CSR and Quality policies are the cement of our foundations, they help us to think and manage our company globally on a daily basis: organization, management system, product offer, impact on all our stakeholders.

To find out more about our CSR commitments, discover our Communication on Progress, which serves as a CSR report.


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A propos de nous | Gestion Credit Expert

The 100% French and independent debt collection specialist

Our teams are all based in France

In addition to the 20 employees based at our headquarters in Toulouse, we employ 30 other people in 7 other cities in France (Aix, Amiens, Arras, Castres, Lyon, Paris, Verniolle).

Our various consultancy, collection and investigation missions are all managed and carried out in France, serving clients themselves spread throughout the country.

For the international debt collection activity, our teams in France manage our network of local correspondents throughout the world (lawyers, bailiffs, colleagues, etc.), all selected for their proven skills and their values shared with ours.

A propos de nous | Gestion Credit Expert

Our offices

Our collection company from Toulouse has expanded over the years and acquisitions, its spectrum of interventions and its skills.

Our 50 employees, lawyers, debt collectors and support functions are located in 7 French cities and rely on an international network of 300 partners allowing them to also intervene throughout the world.


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The outsourced service expert to manage your receivables

Recouvrement judiciaire de créances : Les risques et les avantages pour les créanciers | GCE
Respect for your business relationships

GCE has existed since 1970, and as such you benefit from unique and recognized expertise in our three key businesses: advice, collection, investigations.

A personalized service

The alliance of multiple business expertise (Credit management, collection, investigations, etc.) and perfect knowledge of market tools since 1970, allows us to adapt to all the specificities of our clients.

Fees for success

We aim for the best results for our clients.
Our fees are essentially based on success.