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Secure your turnover and reduce the risk of non-payment. Check the solvency of your B2B customers, and anticipate customer credit risks.


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What is business information?

Commercial intelligence consists of a tailor-made survey to collect recent information on the figures and commercial dynamics of the company. This field information, combined with the analysis of financial data provides truly comprehensive information on the health of a company and allows for an accurate assessment of credit risk.

Updated in real time, the commercial intelligence investigation concerns legal persons:

  • Whatever their legal form,
  • Whether they publish their accounts or not,
  • Whether they have been recently registered or not.

Today, tailor-made business intelligence is the only solution available that provides reliable data at any given time to assess the financial health of your French or foreign customers, regardless of their geographic base.

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The information collected is subject to computer processing intended to respond quickly to your request and may be used for any commercial information purpose by GESTION CREDIT EXPERT as well as for the quality monitoring of our actions. For more details, click here .
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Why ask for commercial information?

Business intelligence is about obtaining fresh, exclusive and reliable business and financial information about companies.

The B2B survey will allow you to:

  • To avoid non-payments upstream of a contractualization
  • To make the best decisions with regard to the most recent and most exhaustive information.

Indeed, commercial investigation reports allow managers, Credit Managers, Financial Directors, to stay informed in real time of any change in the customer portfolio or the supplier base (relocation, insolvency proceedings initiated, radiation, capital increase, change management, financial problems, etc.). For example, a Credit Manager will be able to arbitrate, decide and set the right credit limit to be granted to a customer based on commercial survey data collected on him.

Our GCE-INFORCEDIT analyst investigators alert you in the event of a change to enable you to maintain control of your customer risks and secure your investment projects.

Commercial intelligence: what does the business investigation report contain?

Business intelligence should contain all the necessary business and financial information about your customers, suppliers, or other key partners to help you make the right decisions. The elements usually communicated are:

  • Legal identity (RCS, capital, head office, management team, shareholding, etc.),
  • The economic , financial and accounting situation of the company (profitability and solvency indicators),
  • A solvency/risk rating ,
  • Advice on maximum customer outstandings .

The data is collected “in the field” and directly from your contacts. Thus our investigators can make you a detailed report to alert or confirm:

  • An event : an imminent collective procedure, a change of leader…
  • The quality of banking relationships,
  • The list of the main suppliers or customers,
  • The status of the order book to give a detailed view of the activity
  • The social climate , etc.
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How much does business information cost?

The price of commercial information is variable and depends on several parameters. Pricing is based on the frequency and volume of survey requests, as well as on the scope of action (surveys of companies based in France or abroad). Indeed, subscriptions, packages or credit units can be offered. Some services are reserved for subscribers only.

GCE-INFORCREDIT adapts to your B2B field survey needs, whether one-off or recurring. So you can:

  • Either send us your request online, payable with the order and without obligation
  • Either send us your requests for commercial information by purchase order if you have recurring needs. Contact us online or by phone at 01 83 64 45 09.

The expert in field surveys to secure your turnover

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Control customer risks

Secure your turnover and the proper development of your company by relying on reliable and fresh data.

We seek for you the key information that will allow you to defend your interests.

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Work with confidence

The company has an operating license issued by the CNAPS (National Council for Private Activities and Security) under the number AUT-SO-2015-10-05-A-00113148.
The managers also hold a license to practice.

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Ethics remain at the heart of our actions. We are active members of the Syndicate of Recovery Actors, the SAR.
In addition, all our employees scrupulously respect the ethics and IT charters and the CSR approach of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT.

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