Amicable debt collection

Accelerate the collection of your outstanding payments while preserving your commercial relations. Concentrate on your activity, we take care of the recovery of your receivables.

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What is amicable collection ?

Amicable debt collection consists of chasing up all customers who have not respected their obligation to pay the invoice when it is due. At this stage, it may be a simple late payment by your customer, an oversight, a malfunction, or the consequence of a dispute. In some cases, this will be a real non-payment strategy.

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The outsourced amicable recovery expert

Cash out quickly

Mandate the French debt collection specialist to collect your turnover quickly. Don’t wait until you have “time to deal with it”.

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Your image preserved

Our collection officers always favor amicable recourse to recover your unpaid invoices and limit legal collections as much as possible.

Success fee

Our fees are proportional to the sums recovered. No hidden costs.

Quand le recouvrement amiable de créances ne fonctionne pas, le recouvrement judiciaire est la solution | GCE
The tailor-made approach

The recovery strategy is developed with you, in line with your business strategy and adapted to the particularities of your business.

Les étapes clés du recouvrement judiciaire de créances pour obtenir gain de cause
Real-time reporting

Instantly and easily access the evolution of your receivables.

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What is the difference between an amicable procedure and a contentious procedure?

The amicable recovery procedure remains outside the judicial framework of the courts. It does not make it possible to obtain by force the payment of the claim. The amicable procedure consists of negotiating and finding common ground with the debtor in order to obtain the expected settlement from him.

However, the amicable recovery procedure is an essential prerequisite for any legal recovery procedure. In fact, a judge who will examine a request for an order for payment, for example, will first check that all the amicable steps have been taken before the litigation procedure has been launched.

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What are the stakes of the amicable procedure?

The main challenges to be met in terms of amicable collection of unpaid debts are:

  • To propose amicable negotiation strategies adapted to your activity, the profile of your customers, and the nature of your unpaid bills.
  • To preserve the creditor’s image and commercial relations while receiving payment.

Our expertise of more than 50 years and the culture of controlled results allow us to offer our customers fast and effective solutions for the proper management of their unpaid bills.

Finally, the simplicity of the exchanges and the transparency are fundamental values which make the difference and which help us to obtain good rates of success: today 80% of the actions which result in the payment of the debt, are done by amicable way.

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How does an amicable procedure work?

All our actions are carried out in a positive and respectful approach to preserve your commercial relations. They follow simple and effective processes based on our in-depth knowledge of paying behavior.

Thus, the receipt of your mandate to allow us to manage the collection of your unpaid debts immediately triggers a tailor-made treatment adapted to each type of debt, according to the sector of activity, the amount or the seniority.

Recovery operations consist of a personalized follow-up of the debtor in strict compliance with:

  • Provisions of the Code of Civil Enforcement Procedures (articles R.124-1 to R.124-7)
  • From the SAR Code of Ethics
  • From the ethical charter of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT that all our collection officers know and apply perfectly.

And to maximize the chances of recovering your outstanding payments, we use different contact methods. Our amicable interventions with debtors are made by telephone, e-mail, post or home visit, depending on the case. They are planned, coherent, paced and monitored over time.

Entrust us with your outstanding debts

In a maximum of 30 days, 4 possible key stages:

Our debt collectors are fine negotiators. The objective is to quickly obtain voluntary payment from your debtor client through amicable negotiation.
The debt is analyzed

and the first recovery actions are initiated amicably.

The arrears are settled

(about 85% of cases depending on the nature of the debt, its amount and its age).

The debt is irrecoverable

we then provide our client with a certificate of uncollectibility.

The debt requires legal action,

the client then makes this decision on the basis of our advice.

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What are the advantages of outsourcing amicable debt collection?

Choosing outsourced receivables management gives you the means to boost the growth of your business and the creation of value for your customers.
A company specializing in amicable debt collection can allow you to:

  • Benefit from the expertise as well as the neutrality of seasoned collaborators in commercial negotiation
  • Have suitable tools to recover the amounts due
  • Free up your time to focus on your own business
  • Set up quick and efficient amicable procedures
  • Collect your turnover quickly without damaging your commercial relations

Entrust us with your outstanding debts

How to choose between debt collection company and bailiff for amicable recovery?

If you have outstanding payments, how do you choose between the two? When you have debts, it is essential to make the right choice to recover the amounts due as soon as possible.

Prioritize dialogue to preserve your image

At a time when economic and financial difficulties are at their peak, both for individuals and businesses, dialogue is essential to the success of the recovery procedure.

When a professional takes action to recover an unpaid invoice, he must spare the debtor’s susceptibility. He must not forget that he is the guarantor of the quality of the commercial relationship that the creditor has been able to build with his debtor client.

Moreover, every debt collection professional today must know how to mix technical and behavioral skills.

Experienced in communication techniques and regularly trained, the teams of collection companies like that of GCE – FRANCE CREANCES know how to perfectly adapt their language to individual or corporate debtors.

Thus, listening, sharing, empathy, interpersonal communication, these are all tools that allow them to “connect” with others and establish transparent and sincere relationships. This presupposes a great ability to adapt to all the profiles with whom they will communicate.

Here are the 6 commandments that guide our employees:

  • Respect and ethics towards debtors
  • No value judgment
  • A simple and understandable language for the debtor avoiding to drown him in complex legal terms
  • Transparency and clarity in responses to receivables information requests
  • First-line mediation, even in sometimes difficult situations
  • Alerting debtors before initiating legal action against them

Control the costs related to amicable recovery

Beyond the protection of your commercial relations, you will be able to better control the costs linked to any amicable procedure if you appoint a collection company for your claim rather than a bailiff (now called a court commissioner).

If the collection company applies success fees, these are:

  • Due only if the procedure is successful
  • Calculated in proportion to the amount of the debt recovered
  • Without delivery of acts at regulated prices.

If the amicable recovery ultimately leads to litigation, our legal experts will ensure that a specific mandate is given to the bailiff with territorial jurisdiction to act, specifying the nature and exact scope of his mission. Thus, the collection company ensures that the bailiff’s tariff actually corresponds to the needs of the creditor. No unpleasant surprises and additional costs.

Our debt collection services for companies also extend abroad. Visit the International debt collection page to discover our dedicated services in Europe and everywhere else in the world.

Entrust us with your outstanding debts

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