GESTION CREDIT EXPERT, 1 single partner to help you manage your receivables

Reduce your DSO
Effectively follow up with your customers before due date, optimize your invoicing processes
make you pay
Get paid quickly from your individual or business customers, in France and around the world
Manage your receivables well
Manage your customer credit policy without error and find levers for improvement to reduce payment delays and optimize working capital
Securing your turnover
Make the right decisions thanks to reliable, fresh and complete information collected in the field
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The outsourced service expert to manage your accounts receivable

Recouvrement judiciaire de créances : Les risques et les avantages pour les créanciers | GCE
Respect for your business relationships

We follow up with your customers with diplomacy , in the most appropriate way and with the right tone. For your part, you remain focused on the business opportunities to be built with them.

Success fee

It is only after the effective collection of your receivables that you pay our fees. This remuneration represents between 5 and 25% depending on the amount of receivables entrusted, the nature of the unpaid debts and the profile of the debtors.

Comment choisir le bon avocat pour un recouvrement judiciaire de créances efficace

To recover your money anywhere in the world , we work in 8 languages completely independently (FR, ENG, ALL, ES, IT, PL, PT, TCZ). And to be closer to your debtors, we rely on the expertise of our 300 correspondents in France and abroad (bailiffs, lawyers, etc.).

Cabinet de recouvrement de créances : La solution pour gérer vos impayés en toute sérénité | Gestion Credit Expert

We aim for excellence through the continuous improvement of our processes. Our objective ? The full satisfaction of all our customers.

Cabinet de recouvrement de créances : La solution pour gérer vos impayés en toute sérénité | Gestion Credit Expert
Custom made

Don’t change anything , GESTION CREDIT EXPERT adapts its debt collection actions to your processes, your environment, the nature of your unpaid bills and the profile of your debtors.

Les étapes clés du recouvrement judiciaire de créances pour obtenir gain de cause
Real time control

Follow the status of your outstanding payments in real time . Managing your customer receivables with GESTION CREDIT EXPERT means having clear visibility on your files to be recovered and the assurance of acting quickly for strategic decision-making.

The definition of a collection company is simple, it is a company that is responsible for claiming the reimbursement of an amount owed by a debtor to his creditor.

Collection companies contribute to the good financial health of companies and the fluidity of their commercial relations by offering tailor-made solutions to quickly collect unpaid bills.

In France, there are now nearly 470 collection companies. Founded in 1970, GESTION CREDIT EXPERT is the leader of 100% French independent players and aims to help companies increase their cash flow and reduce their customer credit risks.

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT supports companies in managing their accounts receivable. For example, GESTION CREDIT EXPERT allows you to recover your unpaid invoices, reduce your DSO and optimize your WCR, train your teams in telephone reminders, choose the right invoice reminder tool or monitor the solvency of a customer or a prospect.

The ambition of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT is to be the partner of all companies, for all their needs related to the management of their accounts receivable. By collecting outstanding payments and supporting the finance and credit management functions in improving their processes, GESTION CREDIT EXPERT supports the financial health of companies.

The support for companies does not stop at the simple amicable or judicial recovery of debts. On a daily basis, the company must manage its receivables, meet recurring billing obligations, or may simply need to obtain reliable information on the solvency of its customers to be able to make the right choices.

For this reason, GESTION CREDIT EXPERT also offers different solutions. You can therefore ask all your questions to a credit management expert, follow up with your customers who are late in payment, recover your outstanding payments, monitor the solvency of your customers thanks to our analyst investigators or even search for your debtors who have left without leaving an address. Do not hesitate to contact our team to find out about all our solutions.