Civil and commercial investigations

Secure your turnover and reduce the risk of non-payment.
Check the creditworthiness of your business partners and grow your business risk-free.
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Enquêtes civiles et information commerciales | Gestion Credit Expert
Civil investigations

Find your debtors, check the details of your customers and their solvency.

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Business Information

Check the creditworthiness of your B2B customers, reduce your credit risk.

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Notice of property value

Check the value of a collateral asset.

Our tailor-made survey services

Civil and commercial investigations help you make the right decisions, guide your credit management strategy, prevent risks related to non-payment and develop your business in France and internationally.

Personalized civil investigations

As part of an amicable or judicial recovery of debts in France or abroad, we undertake targeted investigations such as:

  • The solvency investigation to inform of the professional situation, the name of the employer, the source and the amount of legal income, the name of the banking establishment(s) where the person holds his accounts, etc.
  • The search for address and contact details (e-mail and telephone)
  • The search for movable and immovable heritage .

Finally, we conduct searches for heirs and assigns of unclaimed life insurance contracts or inactive bank accounts.

Thus, we transmit the names and contact details of the persons identified to banking establishments or insurance companies wishing to comply with the Eckert law.

We will give you all the information you need to:

  • Define your credit management policy,
  • Protect you from bad debts
  • Guide your decision-making in terms of judicial recovery if necessary
  • Reduce compliance risks.
Enquêtes civiles et informations commerciales | Gestion Credit Expert

Civil investigations, a regulated and supervised activity

Investigations of individuals are conducted exclusively internally by a CNAPS-accredited private research agent. This profession is strictly supervised and regulated. Also, we act in compliance with the profession and the provisions of the law on personal data and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We respect the privacy of any person, the information transmitted concerns only factual, objective and real elements. When a client gives us a mandate to conduct a civil investigation, we send them all the information securely. We do not archive any element, we do not store any paper document, and the information is only kept for six months, after which all the data is carefully destroyed.

We only process requests for civil investigations initiated by professionals.

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Enquêtes civiles et informations commerciales | Gestion Credit Expert

Commercial surveys

Our analyst investigators send you a detailed report on the financial and commercial situation of a company, whether based in France or abroad.

This field analysis contains a precise summary of the current level of profitability and solvency of the company which is the subject of a commercial investigation. It also gives an exact and recent idea of the business activity of the evaluated company, the profile of its clientele, its capital ties, the movements of managers and the latest major events concerning it.

The objective is to send you all the elements so that you can:

  • Neutralize customer or supplier credit risks
  • Take back or keep control of your WCR (Working Capital Requirement) by managing your outstanding customers and supplier payments as accurately as possible.

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Enquêtes civiles et informations commerciales | Gestion Credit Expert

Notices of real estate values

GCE-INFORCREDIT carries out real estate appraisals at the request of professionals. The valuation of property occurs in different situations:

  • Granting of a loan : the request is then formulated by a banking establishment to ensure the reality of the borrower’s request
  • Property valuation for residential or professional use
  • Judicial recovery of debts

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The expert in field surveys to secure your turnover

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Make the right decisions

Secure your turnover by submitting your requests for solvency investigations and address research to us.
We seek for you the key information that will enable you to defend your interests.

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Comply with regulations

Make your customer data more reliable or find the heirs and assigns of dormant contracts. We guarantee our clients the total protection of the personal data that we manage in the context of the civil investigations that we carry out. And all our employees are trained in the requirements of the GDPR.

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Work with confidence

The company has an operating license issued by the CNAPS (National Council for Private Activities and Security) under the number AUT-SO-2015-10-05-A-00113148.
The managers also hold a license to practice. In addition, our team of civilian detectives is stable, experienced and efficient with a positive investigation rate of around 90%.

Leader du recouvrement de créances en France et à l'international | Gestion Credit Expert
Preserve your image

Ethics remain at the heart of our actions. We are active members of the Syndicate of Recovery Actors, the SAR.
In addition, all our employees scrupulously respect the ethics and IT charters and the CSR approach of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT.