White label recovery

Do you want to reduce your customer payment terms while preserving your commercial relations?

BFR EXPERTS provides you with the skills of a team specializing in customer follow-up on your behalf to speed up your receipts while respecting the business relationship with your customers.

Follow-up with your customers in all simplicity, speed and cost

Our EXPERT BFR consultants are entirely dedicated to you for the duration of the mission and manage for you and in white label, all or part of your accounts receivable.

All selected for their efficiency, our customer follow-up specialists have more than 20 years of experience and adapt to your processes, your organization and your size to reduce your DSO and increase your cash flow quickly.

An advisor will call you back during the day
(Monday to Friday) to understand your needs and answer all your questions.
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The information collected is subject to computer processing intended to respond quickly to your request and may be used for any commercial information purpose by GESTION CREDIT EXPERT as well as for the quality monitoring of our actions. For more details, click here.

We guarantee total discretion on the information or results of our missions.


We advise you in total independence vis-à-vis all market players.

Listening & simplicity

We respect your corporate culture and your processes.

Personalized intervention

and tailor-made thanks to our multi-sectoral experience.

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The structured and tailor-made follow-up of your customers

After an inventory of your customer position carried out with your teams, we build a tailor-made approach with a commitment to results.

  • Availability of recovery software within 15 days
  • Full handling of the follow-up of your outstanding invoices due
  • Management of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Qualification of the invoice (cause of delay, promise of payment, dispute, schedule, etc.)
  • Handling customer disputes
  • Control of your payment circuits and qualification of your customer file
  • Proposal of secure payment methods
  • Identification of at-risk customers
  • Reporting (monitoring of changes in results, disputes by type, etc.)

frequently asked Questions

The customer follow-up is a pre-recovery operation. It consists of reminding your customer that he must settle his debts with your company, whether for a deposit or for the payment of the total amount of an invoice.

The customer follow-up allows you in first intention to:

  • Reduce your DSO
  • Avoid bad debts on high-risk customers
  • Increase your cash flow

But follow-up, whether preventive or curative, involves making contact with the customer that you can exploit even more. This communication time with your client can also help you:

  • Better understand the nature of a dispute that leads to unpaid
  • Structuring a speech half-recovery half-commercial
  • Promote your services or products

In summary, customer follow-up management is both a means of optimizing cash flow, but also a strong lever for customer loyalty and satisfaction.

If you notice late payments from your customers, you must know the reason for the delay: a simple oversight is less serious than recurring financial difficulties. Thus, by qualifying the reason for the late payment, you will be able to adapt your reminders according to the customer and the amount of the invoice: your actions will be more effective and your customer relations will be improved.

Customer follow-up takes time and requires good control of your processes related to the management of receivables. When you find that late payments are piling up, it’s a good idea to rely on the skills of timeshare experts in customer follow-up. You will stay focused on more complex files and you will cash in more quickly:

  • Time-consuming or repetitive tasks are outsourced.
  • Potential disputes are identified and late payments are spotted before they occur.