Judicial recovery

Reduce legal costs for litigation recovery of your unpaid bills.

Delegate the administrative procedures to experts with a perfect command of all legal remedies.

When you wish to initiate collection proceedings against a debtor, amicable collection is always preferable as a first intention. This is to preserve your business relationships.

But if all the reminders and attempts at amicable negotiation have not resulted in the payment of the invoices, several legal recovery methods exist.

Collect your bills


Judicial recovery: what are the different procedures?

The first step in contentious collection consists in obtaining from a judge an enforceable title against your debtor to compel him to pay the invoice. This legal act will allow you to pursue the enforcement of your claim. This document must be served by bailiff.

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The legal recovery expert

Quand le recouvrement amiable de créances ne fonctionne pas, le recouvrement judiciaire est la solution | GCE
A tailor-made approach

The collection strategy is developed with you in line with your business strategy and adapted to the particularities of your business, your commercial relations and the nature of the unpaid debt; the goal is obviously to optimize performance and also to ensure appropriate treatment of your customers in the collection of unpaid bills.

Les étapes clés du recouvrement judiciaire de créances pour obtenir gain de cause
Time saving

Save time on cumbersome and time-consuming administrative procedures and stay focused on your business. We constitute for you your request with the competent court and the right bailiff for your procedure.

Comment choisir le bon avocat pour un recouvrement judiciaire de créances efficace
A local network

We put our network of more than 300 bailiffs, lawyers and negotiators at your disposal to obtain payment of your claims, in France and around the world.

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Your budget under control

We optimize our interventions for you in terms of time and costs. We make you benefit from privileged pricing conditions for all the services of essential intermediaries (excluding legal acts whose prices are regulated). Finally, our remuneration is calculated only on the sums recovered.

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Your image preserved

When our lawyer takes action to recover an unpaid invoice, he knows how to protect your debtor’s sensitivity. He is the guarantor of the quality of the commercial relationship between you and your client-debtor. Finally, GCE is a member of the SAR, the first Syndicate of Collection Actors in France. As such, we strictly respect the code of ethics of our professional organization.

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Each situation and each type of claim has its own appropriate procedure.

Indeed, there are several legal recovery procedures for unpaid debts such as the injunction to pay, the assignment to the fund or the summary provision .

When a court decision is rendered (judgment or order for payment) and it is not contested, the case is entrusted to a bailiff. The latter then sets up enforcement procedures (attribution entry, sale entry, etc.).

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What are the deadlines for action in terms of judicial recovery?

In terms of unpaid debt collection, there is a period beyond which legal action is no longer admissible.

A claim is time-barred after:

  • 2 years for a civil debt (if the debtor is an individual)
  • 5 years for a commercial debt (if it is a professional)

Beyond that, you can always try to demand payment of your claim through legal proceedings. But if your debtor invokes the limitation period , you can no longer hope for anything.


Entrust us with your outstanding debts

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What is the cost of a judicial recovery procedure?

The amount of judicial debt collection costs varies according to the nature and number of proceedings initiated.
The costs of legal acts are strictly imposed and regulated (article R. 444-4 of the Commercial Code, last updated by the decree of February 23, 2022, applicable from March 1, 2022). So that no bailiff can derogate from it. They will be identical regardless of the study chosen.

The cost of a foreclosure procedure, for example, varies between €100 and €150, to which additional costs may be added (locksmith, assistance, emergency fees, costs for copying documents, etc.).

Collection companies are regular (even very important) clients of bailiffs’ offices. They know how to optimize and frame their interventions to avoid an unnecessary act or formality.

It is also important to specify that debt collection companies cannot under any circumstances be remunerated by a Bailiff’s study as business introducer, and receive a retrocession of fees.

The regulated costs of these proceedings are borne by the debtor, unless the latter is insolvent.

Apart from these “legal” costs defined and imposed by the texts, all other costs such as the fees of a collection agency, will be borne by the creditor and will be charged to the amount of sums recovered from their customers. .

Which professional to assist you in judicial recovery

Accompaniment by a professional such as a collection firm proves to be relevant when it comes to:

  • Quickly arbitrate between the different legal recovery procedures
  • Develop the strategy best suited to the situation and as soon as possible
  • Write subpoenas and requests
  • Decide on enforcement measures
  • And frame the actions of the bailiffs

Also when the procedure requires the services of a bailiff or a lawyer, the latter will be exempted from the most time-consuming part of the file. As a result, the creditor who has mandated the collection company will initiate legal proceedings against his debtor more quickly and will have better control of the costs that will be attached to them.

Backed by its experience of more than 50 years and its network of 300 correspondents made up of lawyers and bailiffs among others, GCE-FRANCE CREANCES enables you to avoid unnecessary costs through its perfect mastery of litigation recovery .

  • Only targeted and appropriate legal actions are implemented immediately after the amicable interventions, if these prove unsuccessful.
  • The agreements negotiated with our partners will allow you to limit the costs of the procedure.

Finally, even if legal proceedings are initiated against your debtor, we never give up on finding an amicable solution.

The objective remains to succeed in recovering your debts while preserving your image.

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Collection of amicable debts

Accelerate the collection of your outstanding payments while preserving your commercial relations.

Leader du recouvrement de créances en France et à l'international | Gestion Credit Expert
International Debt Collection

Quickly collect your unpaid debts abroad with the help of experts with in-depth knowledge of the commercial and legal practices of each country.