Have you received a letter from us regarding a fine in Italy?

GCE-FRANCE CREANCES, debt collection company is mandated by several Italian municipalities , to recover the sums due under a report of offence(s), committed in violation of the Italian highway code.


Any dispute must be made within 60 days from the date of receipt of the official notification of the minutes sent by the Italian municipalities in LRAR. Any dispute must be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, in Italian, to the competent Prefect within the above deadline. . After this period, any appeal is useless: it will not be examined.

  • If you have made an appeal within the deadlines and respecting the required forms : please send us a copy of your letter to the Prefect in Italian in LRAR + copy of the acknowledgment of receipt signed by the services of the Prefect.
  • In the event of the death of the owner of the vehicle or the lessor of the rental vehicle , you should send us the corresponding death certificate.
  • In case of sale or transfer of the offending vehicle before the date of the offense , please provide us with the official certificate of transfer bearing the date of transfer/sale and the name of the buyer.



  • If you have made a payment to the rental company , the costs it has charged you are administrative and management costs, for the communication to the Police concerned of your license details (licence number, address, date and place of birth…). This is in no way the payment of the fine itself. Indeed, Italian rental companies are not authorized to collect fines; therefore, the amount of the increased fine remains due and must be paid to our services.
  • Perhaps you have already paid a fine or the amount claimed seems high to you? Be sure to check the protocol number (compare the “protocol number” on the attached formal notice to the items on the official notification received from Italy). In fact, you may have been fined several times on the same day, in the same city, but at different times and in different places.
  • If the report number is identical: send us proof of your payment (copy of the transfer order with exact amount, date, issuing bank and beneficiary bank or copy of the CB transaction ticket).
  • Please check in case of payment by credit card on the site of the Police concerned that your payment has indeed been debited from your bank account. In effect, the payment transaction must be finalized by clicking on the “PAGA” box to validate the transaction.
  • If the report number differs: the payment you have made does not concern the fine for which we are mandated to collect : in this case, you must pay the amount of the increased fine.



The increased fine is due and must be paid to our services.

More than a simple letter, a letter of formal notice has legal consequences, do not remain unanswered.


Above all, we work as mediators between our clients and Italian road traffic offenders. We are committed to being transparent and always accurate in our responses to requests for information about the receivables we manage to help offenders manage the consequences of this offense as well as possible.

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Finally, note that GCE-FRANCE CREANCES and its employees respect:

  • Laws and regulations applicable in France
  • The code of ethics of the National Syndicate of Debt Collection and Commercial Information Firms (ANCR).

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