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GESTION CREDIT EXPERT obtains the renewal of its ISO 9001: 2015 certification

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT, the specialist in Credit Management Solutions, has its Quality Management System certified according to the ISO 9001-V2015 standard. The quality approach of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT is thus once again validated.

Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are at the heart of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT’s strategy

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT has been committed to a quality approach since 1999, the date of itsfirst ISO9001 certification.

We are proud to have achieved our ISO 9001 certification according to the 2015 version “, explains Christophe NOBILET. “This year, we have worked extensively to adapt our quality management system (QMS) to the new requirements of the standard. This work has helped us to:

  • To better assess the expectations of our various stakeholders,
  • Understand even better how to increase customer satisfaction,
  • Identify and anticipate the risks associated with each of our processes,
  • Involve all of our teams more to find every possible lever for improvement.”

Valid for 3 years and delivered by Afnor, the ISO 9001-V2015 certificate is a guarantee of value and seriousness for GESTION CREDIT EXPERT’s customers. For almost 20 years, we have two audits per year: an internal audit and an external audit(AFNOR). We meticulously identify strengths, areas for improvement, and pain points in each of our processes or their application. Then we take them into account, adapt our working methods and develop our tools. This renewal of our ISO9001 certification proves once again the ability of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT to adapt to the evolution of its market: “Our customers are reassured to know that we have a robust system in place that is regularly monitored. This demonstrates our commitment to providing them with quality services that are continuously improving, resumes Christophe NOBILET.

Renewal achieved with flying colours

The renewal and transition audit to the 2015 version of the standard highlights 12 areas of strength. Such a record has only been possible thanks to the mobilization of the GESTION CREDIT EXPERT teams on a daily basis since the beginning of our quality commitment in 1999.

If you are a manager and you too are aiming for performance through the continuous improvement of clear work processes, do not hesitate to contact a certification and evaluation organization for systems, services, products and skills such as the AFNOR group.

* Only FRANCE CREANCES and INFORCREDIT are part of the ISO 9001 certified perimeter.