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Gender equality: GESTION CREDIT EXPERT, an SME that is committed

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT is a company co-founded by a woman where the majority of key positions are held by women. And because we are convinced that equal rights between women and men remain a performance lever, we do everything we can to promote balance and diversity for our teams.

A company co-founded by 1 woman

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT is a company co-founded by Mrs. Gorrias in 1970. She remained at the head of the company, jointly with her husband Gérard Gorrias until 2013, when Christophe NOBILET bought the company.

6 women in leading positions

6 out of 7 management positions are held by women.

An ambition of balance and diversity

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT is also a company that is attentive to the balance between professional and personal life. It takes into account, in particular, the life cycle of its employees. When a personal project takes an employee away from the company for a period of time, he/she returns without penalty and with some flexibility if needed.

Because in our opinion, these breaks do not take anything away from each person’s abilities; on the contrary, they increase commitment, a major key to our performance.

With 78% of its employees being women, the company aims to recruit more men to promote gender diversity, which is also a factor of success.