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Experts in operational Credit Management

Business tools

Would you like to upgrade your trade receivables management tools?

BFR EXPERTS will work with you to develop your existing tools or choose the software best suited to your business sector, client type, and specifications.







Thanks to their dual business / tool skills and constant monitoring of market developments, our BFR EXPERTS consultants will work with you to define your requirements, choose your credit management solution, set up the tools, and train users.

Your objectives:

  • Improve cash levels
  • Reduce your payment delays
  • Manage the visibility of credit management at each level: group, company, subsidiary, region, agency, commercial
  • Improve client relationships and satisfaction
  • Manage of your teams’ performance
  • Facilitate the management of internal and external pre-litigation recovery


Your requirements:

  • Create and manage pre-litigation recovery scenarios for amicable collection (according to your clients’ profile, their payment behaviour and risks) and set up dynamic agendas that take into account the issues with each of your clients, programming actions to be taken and their priority.
  • Automate your bills
  • Manage your clients’ outstanding payments by risk level
  • Improve the management and follow-up of your disputes by nature
  • Set up an internal scoring system integrating sector data and financial and operating information for your clients
  • Automate the relationship with your partners (financial information providers, credit insurers, factors, collection companies, commercial intelligence etc.)
  • Improve communication between your teams (sales, sales administration, credit, collection, accounting and finance, logistics, legal, etc.)
  • Set up relevant management dashboards according to the players in your company (CEO, CFO, treasury, sales, sales administration, logistics, credit management etc.)




From the review of the existing system to the roll-out of the tool, our BFR EXPERTS consultants will work with you at every stage of the project.


  • Project management assistance (AMOA)
  • Definition and drafting of specifications
  • Advice and support for choosing the tool
  • Setting the tool
  • Training and support for your teams during changes
  • Maintenance management