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Annual customer satisfaction survey 2017: 81% of our customers are satisfied with our services!

The satisfaction of our customers is central to the development of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT and we measure it every year, as provided for in our quality management system, certified ISO 9001*.

This way, we gather our customers’ overall perception of our business relationship, as well as their new expectations.

In June 2017, we conducted our annual survey of 542 of our clients, based in France (2/3) and abroad (1/3).

We would like to thank them for their participation, for the sincerity of their answers, as well as for their numerous comments and suggestions.

The clients we interviewed were mainly

  • business leaders,
  • administrative and financial managers,
  • credit managers,
  • legal directors,
  • Accounts receivable managers,
  • litigation managers,
  • collection officers,
  • purchasing managers.

They work for large groups, ETIs, SMEs, in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and service sectors, such as: banking, insurance, transport, e-commerce, home services, business services, luxury goods, real estate (landlords), pharmaceuticals, chemicals, distribution, schools, clinics… they themselves have professional (B2B) or private (B2C) customers.

The result of this survey is good since:

  • 81% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with our services.
  • 73% of our customers are ready to recommend us.

3 strong points identified by our customers

  • the level of expertise of our teams (76%)
  • the responsiveness of our teams (75%)
  • our sense of service (80%)

We have grouped the main improvements suggested by our clients into 3 main categories, and listed for each the appropriate actions, either in progress or planned:

  1. Expertise / customized service / results
  2. Follow-up / reactivity / customer area (extranet)
  3. Diversified solutions / more global offer

These improvements will strengthen the foundations on which we build our daily development and which are for the record:

*Only our collection(FRANCE CREANCES) and investigation(INFORCREDIT) activities are concerned by this customer satisfaction survey.

For the full results of our 2017 customer satisfaction survey, and the improvements we are already focusing on after carefully considering the extensive feedback we received, please complete the contact form by filling in the subject of your request in the box ‘leave us a message’.