"A sensitive decrease of our DSO"

"Due to GESTION CREDIT EXPERT’S professionalism and expertise,[...],the services provided allowed a sensitive decrease of our DSO, which keeps on decreasing."

“ Due to GESTION CREDIT EXPERT’S professionalism and expertise, the step of accounting and financial service centralization got on well. An adapted tool was launched. And the accounting customers, the commercial teams, benefit of a complete training on the LME’s law and her enforcement. The services provided allowed a sensitive decrease of our DSO, which keeps on decreasing. Thank you to your teams for their work and their availability.”


INESSENS  regroups nowadays 5 production sites in France specialized in the stickers’ printings, in traditional and adhesive offset, in traditional and adhesive digital, as well as the storage and the sub culturing. The innovative printings techniques that INESSENS offers to its customers responds to the wine market’s demand, to the spirits market and to the agro-alimentary one to stand out.



Reduce the delays of payment, improve the level of cash, analyze and secure the credit customer management.

The accounting service of the 5 sites has been centralized in Montreal’s site, headquarters of the group. We thus had to bring a new organization to the credit management process in terms of recovery and management of uncollected debts.  This new organization had to take into account a digital tool allowing to centralize the information of each sites of production.



A tailor-made service to INESSENS's credit management issues.


FRANCE CREANCES made available her team operational to provide a unique and customized support to Inessens’s legal department for the whole sites of production, for the legal department’s management.


Our consultants interfered on several levels to:

  • Customers’ receivables collection: sensitize the commercial teams regardless to the LME law and their functions in the order-to-cash process.
  • Credit management tool: research and launch a digital tool adapted to the new issues of Inessens, in terms of credit management.
  • Pre-litigation recovery: define relaunching scripts by typology’s client.
Laëtitia Martinez, Comptable - INESSENS

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