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Mission, vision, values and ambition

At GESTION CREDIT EXPERT, we believe that we play a positive and important role in the economy and that we have a great responsibility towards society and our employees. We wish to affirm our vocation, what we stand for and what we want to be.

Our CSR and quality policies are the cement of our mission, our vision our values and our ambition. Those foundations inspire and will continue to inspire the group’s and its stakeholders’ actions and decisions. This way, we will strengthen our position in the international market place and our reputation.



To increase companies’ cash flow and reduce their client credit risks.


We want to be acknowledged and respected by our partners in carrying out our mission.



Six fundamental values guide our decisions, actions and relationships on a daily basis. They are the true foundations of our group.


1- ​Simplicity

We apply ourselves to thinking, acting, deciding and communicating as simply as possible.


2- Honesty

We always act with honesty, respect and openness with all our stakeholders – this is the basis of lasting trust and a mutually beneficial relationship.


3- Transparency

Our actions are carried out with full transparency; we allow our clients to monitor the progress of all their files in real time.


4- Sense of results

We are driven by obtaining the best possible results for our clients, for our partners and for ourselves.


5- Sense of service

We always strive to provide the answers our partners expect, and to do so as soon as possible.


6- Team spirit

Team spirit is the key to the collective success we are striving for, that is to say the success of each of our stakeholders. Our teams, our clients, our partners and ourselves form a team whose work we coordinate to obtain the best possible results for as long as possible.



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