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Civil investigations and commercial information in France and internationally

Credit Reports

Over 95% of recently published balance sheets fall within the scope of application of the Macron law. Information published by companies, when available, dates back 6 to 18 months. Databases are therefore no longer sufficient to manage your clients credit risks and secure your revenue.

Our INFORCREDIT field investigators & analysts are specialist in credit reporting in France and internationally. They help you to gain a reliable picture of the solvency of your clients, to monitor them over time and to react efficiently if their risk profile changes.






Our INFORCREDIT investigators will help you to find commercial and financial information on your clients, your suppliers or any key business partner.


Reports are specifically drawn up in the best way to suit each request. INFORCREDIT provides:

  • Legal identity (Trade and Companies Register, capital, registered office, management team, shareholders, etc.)
  • The economic, financial and accounting situation of the company
  • A summary and score for solvency and risk
  • Advice on the maximum amount of unpaid client debts


Updated on the day of the request, information regarding legal persons, whatever their legal form, whether they publish their accounts or not, and whether or not they are recently registered.


The contain information collected exclusively “on the ground” such as confirmation of imminent collective insolvency proceedings, quality of banking relationships, main suppliers or clients, order book, industrial relations climate, etc.



  • Base your decisions on the most recent & reliable data

Stay informed in real time of any changes to your client portfolio or supplier base (change of address, insolvency proceedings, striking off, capital increase, financial problems, etc.) our INFORCREDIT field investigators & analysts will notify you of any changes.


  • Real risk mapping for your existing client portfolio and prospective clients

Update & enrich your files automatically with company registration (“SIRET-isation”, “SIREN-age”…)