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Civil investigations and commercial information in France and internationally

Civil Investigations

Would you like access to information that could help with the quality management of your clients and debtors, or simply for the effective management of your records? Do you lack the time, skilled staff or tools to get this done?

Our INFORCREDIT investigators, all private researchers duly accredited by CNAPS (French national council for private security activities), are specialists in searching for people in France and all over the world. They will create a customised response to your requirements, in strict compliance with the law and the ethics charter of the National Security Code.



CIVIL INVESTIGATIONS (into natural persons)


  • Skip tracing

The investigations carried out by INFORCREDIT aim to locate the new address of the person being sought, or obtaining confirmation of their last known address in metropolitan France, French overseas departments and territories, or abroad.

  • Solvency investigations & checks

The investigations carried out by INFORCREDIT are adapted to the specific needs of the clients / principals.

The elements usually communicated are:


  • professional situation
  • name of employer
  • family situation
  • bank accounts
  • address
  • telephone number(s) including the mobile phone.


  • Asset searches

An asset search presents an overview of property belonging to the person under investigation, including their shareholding(s) in their capacity as a shareholder or manager of any legal entities.


INFORCREDIT services are exclusively reserved for companies, banks or other financial or credit organisations, lawyers, solicitors, bailiffs, professional property owners / trustees, professional landlords, public bodies, etc.



The Eckert law, governing inactive bank accounts and unclaimed life insurance contracts, entered into force on 1st January 2016. Banks and Insurance Companies use our services in order to resolve their situation as quickly as possible and bring themselves in line with this law.


  • Search for heirs and assigns

Our investigators trace the holders, heirs or assignees of inactive bank accounts or unclaimed life insurance contracts.


˃ View the text of the Eckert law on the Légifrance website.