From 1970 to today, discover the major events that have shaped the identity of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT.


GESTION CREDIT EXPERT group (FRANCE CREANCES, SFNP, INFORCREDIT, BFR EXPERTS) now ranks 17th out of the 500 French firms specialized in outsourced trade receivables management and debt collection services and 4th in this market if we only consider the French firms that are still 100% independent (source: Plimsoll, June 2020).


2018 :

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT has launched the new name of its consulting business for greater market visibility of this strategic trade. The new brand is now BFR EXPERTS.

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT announce a strategic partnership on debt collection services with TINUBU SQUAREThrough this partnership, GESTION CREDIT EXPERT reinforce its position in the market of debt collection in France and abroad.


2017 : 

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT takes over SFNP, Société Fiduciaire Nord Picardie, and ranks 23rd out of 500 credit management / B2B & B2C debt collection services professionals in France. SFNP was created in 1984 and its specialized in B2B & B2C debt collection services in all the regions in the north of the Loire. Pierre-Marc DESBOIS, its founder, will continue to run SFNP and  facilitate the repurchase by GESTION CREDIT EXPERT.

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT becomes a member of the SNARP, France’s leading national union of private research agents.

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT becomes a member of the BDIU, the top German association of debt recovery firms.

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT operates a change in its visual identity and a complete overhaul of its website. Thus, the group reaffirms its position in its 3 activities (Consulting, debt recovery and investigations).


2016 :

ECOVADIS awards GESTION CREDIT EXPERT a Silver rating. This is in recognition of the group’s voluntarist and global strategy on corporate social responsibility.


2015 :

Mr C. NOBILET elected director of AFDCC– French association of credit managers and consultants.

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT purchases the client list of the firm HUMINDIS based in Carcassonne.

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT takes over L’INFORMATION MUTUELLE, an established Parisian law firm in the business of debt collection and commercial information for the paper industry.


2014 :

Mr C. NOBILET elected director of ANCR – first national union of debt collection firms and business information.


2013 : 

Takeover of GESTION CREDIT EXPERT by Mr C. NOBILET still supported by Mrs M. GORRIAS.


2011 : 

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT moves to its new premises in La Garonnette, Toulouse.


2009 : 

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT capital increases to 100 000 €.


2003 : 

Publication of Lexique juridique pour l'entreprise [Legal glossary for business] by Gérard, Madeleine and Pascal Gorrias, Éditions de l'Organisation.


2000 :

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT launches its training service for client risk management consultancy & optimisation of the “order to cash” cycle.


1999 : 

First ISO 9001 Quality Certification issued by AFAQ. GESTION CREDIT EXPERT launches its commercial information service under the name INFORCREDIT.


1995 :

 C.G.D. becomes GESTION CREDIT EXPERT with the trade name FRANCE CREANCES.


1993 :

C.G.D. is a founder member of FENCA, the Federation of European National Collection Associations.


1970 : 


Foundation of ANCR, the national union of debt collection firms and business information, by Mr G. GORRIAS who was its chairman from 1981 to 1992.