Have you received a formal notice to pay your due date for a contract taken out with ECA assurances?

We are here to help you.

We have listed below the most frequently asked questions to guide you in the steps you must take to quickly close your file.

Want to pay now?

At GCE I FRANCE CRÉANCES, we offer several options for settling your outstanding debt.

  • You can pay your case or part of it online and follow its progress. To do this, have your file number ready and log in to your account .
  • You can make a bank transfer by entering the references of your file in the subject. You will find our RIB on the formal notice you have just received.
  • You can request a SEPA direct debit, to do so fill out our contact form

Have you already paid?

If you have already paid your due date with ECA Assurances directly, we need proof of your payment .

To send us your proof of payment, two solutions are available to you:

You don’t agree with this debt?

The insurance contract could be taken out by telephone or on the internet (health insurance, housing, animals, etc.).

Note that in the context of distance selling, you have a waiver period of 14 calendar days . In the absence of waiver within this period, the contributions are due .

Note: Any other form of termination (email or/and telephone) is void. Termination must be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (LRAR).

If you believe you have terminated the contract:

If you have terminated in good and due form, within the time limits, please send us your supporting documents:

Here is the list of documents to send us as soon as possible and which will allow us to close your file:

  • The copy of the termination letter that you sent to ECA by LRAR,
  • A copy of the acknowledgment of receipt signed by ECA Assurances.

Are you currently the subject of an over-indebtedness procedure with the Banque de France?

If you are the subject of an over-indebtedness procedure, please send us, by e-mail to the address redaction@france-creances.com , or by post to the address indicated on the letter you received, the elements that correspond to your situation:

Do you benefit from a legal protection measure (guardianship, curatorship, etc.)?

If you benefit from a judicial protection measure (tutorship, curatorship, etc.), please send us the contact details of the agent for the protection of adults:

2 possible transmission modes:

In the event of the subscriber’s death

If the subscriber is deceased, please send us these two documents:

  • The death certificate
  • The contact details of the notary possibly in charge of the succession

2 possible transmission modes:

Do you have additional questions?

If you have additional questions, contact us directly by email at redaction@france-creances.com or call us using the number on your email.