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Debt Collection

Amicable and legal collection of civil and commercial debts in France and internationally

Debt Collection in France and abroad

Your clients' payment delays often become unfortunately commonplace. They multiply, and as your business grows, they significantly affect your cash flow more and more directly, and even restrict your development…




Since 1970, we have been collecting B2B as well as B2C debts on behalf of our professional clients. We have expert knowledge of collection methods through amicable and legal channels. We act in France, EU, Eastern Europe, Americas, Asia, Middle-East and Africa.


FRANCE CREANCES’ debts collection actions follow strategies that include written reminders, calls and telephone negotiation, email, SMS messages, visits to debtors’ premises, etc.


The different means we use take into account:

  • the profile of your debtors
  • the nature of unpaid debt (loan, service, goods, etc.)
  • the amounts due
  • the age of the debt


FRANCE CREANCES carefully adapts its debt recovery actions to the specifics of its clients and their debtors.

  • Amicable collection (out-of-court cases)

Receiving unpaid debt immediately triggers a process that is specially tailored and adapted to each type of debt, according to the business sector, amount or age of the debt.


Recovery operations consist of personalised monitoring of the debtor in strict compliance with the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code (articles R.124-1 to R.124-7) and the ANCR [National Union of debt collection firms and business information] code of ethics, in France.


Interventions with debtors are made by phone, email, text message, or by visiting their premises, as required. They are planned, consistent, regular and monitored even over a long period of time.


4 possible key stages, within a maximum of 30 days:

  • The file is analysed and the first recovery actions are undertaken amicably
  • The unpaid debt is settled (around 85% of cases, depending on the nature age and amount of the debt)
  • The debt is unrecoverable, we then provide our client with a certificate of unrecoverability
  • The debt requires legal action, the client then takes this decision based on our advice


  • Legal action (court cases)

Only targeted legal actions are begun immediately after amicable interventions, if the latter prove unsuccessful, and when possible.

FRANCE CREANCES also avoids unnecessary fees with its expert knowledge of legal proceedings, as well as optimized fees with lawyers and bailiffs .




Every day, the FRANCE CREANCES team works on behalf of French and foreign clients to help them secure payment from their debtors, in France or anywhere in the world.


Each country has its own specifics: laws, economic context, local customs, language, debts collection practices  etc. These many variables influence the best method for an efficient debts collection process on the international scene.

  • Languages in which we specialise: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Czech and Russian.
  • A local presence in certain geographies where it is required: FRANCE CREANCES has developed a network of 300 partners worldwide.