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Experts in operational Credit Management

Cash Sprint ©

Do you have an urgent financial requirement? Need to improve your WCR?

Our BFR EXPERTS consultants will help you to collect outstanding payments quickly and extensively, while preserving your commercial relationship with your clients.





Cash Sprint© from BFR EXPERTS is a one-time remedial action. It gives you access to one or more experienced consultants who will work with you towards a massive reduction of your outstanding payments, guide you through disputes, and pass on our skills to your teams.


  • 3 months to recover your cash

After validating the approach and objectives, we will establish a very short-term action plan:



  • You collect your cash quickly, while preserving your image and the quality of your commercial relationships with your clients: our experts produce tailor-made pre-litigation recovery strategies for each type of client and adapt to your tools and working methods.
  • You have quick access to resources and meet your requirements without increasing your payroll costs.
  • You could have access to an effective pre-litigation recovery tool within 15 days
  • You benefit from a transfer of skills, your teams learn the essentials of quality credit management.
  • Success fees guarantee flexibility and transparency


  • Proven method, meaningful results

On average, accounts receivable represent 40% of a company's assets. Our expertise in credit management, our method and our knowledge of different customer behaviours in different business sectors have enabled us to conduct large-scale missions to recover cash in crisis situations, in the very short term. We regularly step in with major groups, SMEs, investment funds or for companies subject to LBO.


Our guarantees:

  • Huge reduction in your DSO: 14 days recorded on average
  • Skills transferred to your team
  • Improved client relationships
  • Long-lasting results