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Experts in operational Credit Management

Audit and Advisory

Do you want to improve your WCR? Do you want to identify all possible levers to reduce and secure your trade receivables?

Our BFR EXPERTS consultants will help you to reach your targets, sustain results and mobilise your teams for all your credit management processes.





Our multi-disciplinary and highly operational approach integrates your company's strategy, the level of your teams’ cash culture, your business sector, your type of customers, your special features.


  • A simple and operational diagnostic

Our consultants, all proven experts in credit management, assess levers of improvement by integrating the strategy and environment of your company and recommend an action plan adapted to achieve your objectives according to different levels of priorities. Our usual lines of approach:

  • Financial levers mobilized to define your potential cash
  • Organizational levers to highlight your best practices and areas for improvement
  • Human resources levers to measure the level of cash maturity of your teams and sources of progress
  • Tools for managing trade receivables: credit insurance, commercial information, factoring, credit management software, debt collection companies, etc.


  • A comprehensive report


Our diagnostic report includes:


  • An overview of all your credit management processes
  • The levers of quantified improvements (financial, organisational, human, tools)
  • Recommendations by activity
  • Benchmark to compare your performance with others in your sector
  • An action plan per priority phase
  • Roll-out methodology
  • Change management


  • Operational support

Our BFR EXPERTS consultants work in project mode, helping your teams to transform your strategic objectives into operational action plans, from defining the lines of improvement for credit management organisation to their implementation.