7 good reasons to outsource the collection of your clients' accounts receivables in 2017

1- Skills 

Get access to specific skills, processes & adequate focus.

2 - Tools

Benefit from a proper specialist software, powerful enough to chase tens, hundreds or thousands of clients debts, in your home country or abroad, following specific scenarios, amicable or legal.

3 - Relations

Keep good control of your client relations.

4 - DSO

Clean your aged balance in a systematic, exhaustive & continuous way to sustain a good DSO.

5 - Flexibility

Use this service depending on your needs & constraints, so only as, if & when need be.

6 - Audits

Make your auditors happy (also boss & banker); get more cash at bank plus all the required supporting documentation for proper book keeping (i.e. regarding write-offs).

7 - Fees

Pay success fees only, if & once your cash is collected.