GESTION CREDIT EXPERT presents its improvement plan

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT presents its improvement plan following the last customer satisfaction survey

Mélanie Léonetti

Our latest customers’ satisfaction survey was run through an online questionnaire that has been sent to 388 clients based in France and all over the world.

Thanks to a very good response rate (%), we were able to obtain complete results about our customers’ satisfaction.

We warmly thank all our clients who participated in the survey for this great feedback and present the actions plan that was put in place this year to sustainably consolidate our strengths and improve everywhere needed.




Our strengths are recognized and appreciated.

  • 82% of our customers are overall satisfied or very satisfied with our services (+1 point vs. previous year).
  • Our customers consider that we respect our commitments:
    • Our sense of service             : satisfaction rate at 93%
    • Our price/performance ratio  : satisfaction rate at 91%
    • Our level of expertise            : satisfaction rate at 90%
    • Our responsiveness               : satisfaction rate at 87%


See or review the main results in video



Enhanced customer support

We have strengthened customer monitoring:

  • By auditing our CRM practices to provide answers that are always more relevant and more adapted to the requests of our customers
  • By systematically conducting the on the spotsatisfaction survey


Actions to consolidate our strengths

  • Expertise

We have reinforced our ongoing training plan to increase the level of expertise of our operational teams and we document even more systematically our operating modes to enable an improved the capitalization of know-how.

  • Reactivity, sense of service and performance

We have worked to improve our ERP to reduce our response times to our customers, improve performance and improve invoice processing and anomaly tracking. In the course of Q4 2019 we will deploy the new version of our ERP. A communication will be made to announce it as well as explain the new benefits that it brings.

Actions to strengthen our IT security
GESTION CREDIT EXPERT undertakes to strictly comply with the data protection and security obligations as specified in the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 relating to the protection of natural persons and in the data protection law.

GESTION CREDIT EXPERT is certified ISO 9001 v2015; all its activities are carried out according to a quality management system (QMS) made of clear processes and procedures as well as actions plans.
In this context, we conducted audits of:

  • Our information system,
  • Our IT and telephone infrastructure,
  • Our physical & logical security systems,
  • Our GDPR compliance.

The various technical and operational measures that have been defined as a result of these four audits have been implemented.

The GESTION CREDIT EXPERT teams are mobilized so that customers’ satisfaction remains at the heart of our development strategy.